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Put what you have learned so far into practice and explore the daily work routine in a major international law firm.

Careers/Freshfields Associates/Intern

You may apply for an internship by responding to an online offer. In any event, you should allow around one year prior to the desired starting date of your internship and your application should specify the preferred department and the desired starting date. Generally, internships are for a duration of 6 months and are divided in two semesters, such as:

  • Semester 1 running from January to June of each year;
  • Semester 2 running from July to December of each year.

We also accept internships of different durations starting on different dates.

International Arbitration candidates should check the dates of recruitment campaigns on line to send in their applications.

You can find more information in our FAQs below.



How to become a part of the team?
What requirements do I need to apply for an internship at Freshfields Paris?

We require basic legal knowledge in certain areas, which you can demonstrate by preparing a master degree of French law. You may even be a student or already hold a qualification in business management. Furthermore, due to the international nature of our clients, an excellent command of English is also essential. Practical and international experience is an ideal complement to your previous career. You should be open-minded, agile, a hard worker and a dynamic team-player.

How can I apply and what documents do I need to include in my application?

Your complete application consist of a cover letter and your curriculum vitae. Exam results or an overview of grades may also be asked.
Please do not forget to indicate the practice group in which you would like to carry out your internship, as well as the start date and duration for which you are applying.

Please compile all your documents into one PDF file and send it in by responding to an online vacancy.

What are the next steps after my application?

All applications will be reviewed and we will pre-select candidates. If you are shortlisted, we will contact you to arrange a first interview.

Can I choose the practice group in which I would like to carry out my internship?

Of course, we encourage you to indicate which practice group you wish to incorporate in your application, as well as the period you are applying for.

Is it possible to apply for an internship at any time and for any duration?

We welcome all applications for internships, please mention in your letter of application whether your request for an internship is due to study requirements. We will be pleased to check individual internship opportunities.

I am studying law abroad. Can I still apply for an internship ?

Our Paris office mainly deals with matters of French law, you should therefore have the appropriate basic legal knowledge to qualify for an internship. Applications from students without a qualification in French law can however be accepted for the International Arbitration department.

Can I complete the internship at a foreign Freshfields office?

This is possible in principle, but please apply directly to the location of your choice. Please note that in each country we primarily handle local legal cases and require the appropriate basic knowledge for this. In addition, you should be able to demonstrate language skills in the local language so that you can assist in day-to-day business.