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Are you looking for an apprenticeship? Begin your professional life in the exciting environment of an international law firm.

Careers/Business Services/Apprenticeship

Start your professional life with us!

Every year, we offer apprenticeships, in particular to learn about the profession of a legal assistant. Among other things, you will learn how to maintain files, monitor deadlines, plan and follow up on meetings, discussions and business trips. Varied activities such as correspondence, coordinating appointments, supporting our assistants, managing invoices and monitoring payments ensure that your days will never be monotonous.

We want you to be an integral part of the team and we are eager to help you to discover and learn about our business. Whatever the department, you will get to know our office and business processes which will provide you with a great understanding of what work life is like in a top law firm. A great professional future awaits you, come and join us!

How to become a part of the team?
What requirements do I need to apply for an apprenticeship at Freshfields?

You are a student looking for an apprenticeship and are at least good at French and English. You need to have a good a command of MS Office-Suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Lastly, please note that other requirements may be asked of you depending on the department you are applying for.

How can I apply and what documents should I include with my application?

Please responde to an online vacancy (Freshfields website/ Linkedin).

Your complete application should include a personal cover letter and your CV.

We look forward to reading your cover letter to understand why you believe completing your apprenticeship with us is what you want and what it is you find so exciting about Freshfields. Your Curriculum Vitae is of particular interest. Please make sure that it is well laid out. Place the most important information in blocks (e.g. education, internships, skills, foreign languages etc.) and arrange it all in chronological order, starting with your most recent jobs, qualifications, etc.

Please do not forget to indicate the department in which you would like to carry out your apprenticeship, as well as the start date, planning and duration for which you are applying.

What are the next steps after my application?

After receiving all applications, we will carry out a pre-selection. If you are shortlisted for one of our apprentice positions, we will invite you to a first phone interview.

Do you have any tips for my interview?

If your written application is successful, you will receive an invitation for a personal interview with us. Be well prepared! What do you already know about Freshfields and the apprenticeship? We are curious to hear what you have to say. Convince us that you, and only you, are the right candidate for an apprenticeship at Freshfields. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! And remember to give yourself plenty of time so that you arrive on time and are relaxed for your interview with us on the agreed date.

But, most importantly, don’t be nervous! Just be yourself during the interview.

What will happen to my data?

We value your privacy and care about the way in which your personal information is treated. The firm undertakes appropriate measures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of the personal information it holds or processes in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.